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Here at SLP School Staffing, we have school-based contract assignments and permanent positions available for SLPs throughout all 50 states nationwide. We realize that it's not always about finding a job, but about finding the right job. That is why we tailor our job searches specifically to each individual we go to work for.  Whether you are looking for your first job or your next job, we can help you find exactly what you need:

     1. Fill out the contact form located on our contact us page
     2. Submit your resume at
    3. Submit your Skills Checklist
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                        SEARCH JOB OPENINGS AND APPLY NOW!


SLP School Staffing specializes in finding the right SLP candidates for your job needs. Do you have a need for an SLP in your school system? We work with therapists in all 50 states who are looking you and would love to send them your way. We will also post your job openings FREE of charge in order to draw candidates from several of the top job search engines across the web! After we pre-qualify our candidates, we will submit them to you. All you have to do send your information to us, and we'll do all the work:

1. Fill out and submit the contact form located on the contact us page
     2. Email us at
info@slpschoolstaffing.com any additional information you  
          like us to include in your FREE job posting (title, hours, location,
          setting, job description, etc)