CFY Program
 We at SLP School Staffing know the transition from graduate school to the school setting can be difficult. While graduate school offers a solid clinical skills base and clinical practicum experience, they do not always provide adequate strategies to deal with the many challenges of navigating a school based setting.

The challenges can include the following:

  • applying academic knowledge to a caseload;

  • developing effective strategies for caseload management;

  • utilizing effective time management skills to meet productivity expectations;

  • managing multiple disabilities; and

  • communication with family and teachers involved with the students care.

SLP School Staffing is able to provide you with an experienced, credentialed, Speech Language Pathologist to serve as your Clinical Fellowship Supervisor. This supervisor will help facilitate continued growth and integration of knowledge, skills, and growth of your clinical performance.

Often, the school district will provide you with a Clinical Fellowship Supervisor. A mentor will be assigned to you through SLP School Staffing in addition to your Clinical Fellowship Supervisor. This experienced mentor will be able to provide learning, support, professional growth, and guidance. Your mentor will employ strategies that help you struggle through obstacles as you gain the competence and confidence as a school based therapist.

Many benefits exist through the mentoring relationship:

  • access to a support system

  • insider perspective

  • resources to help enhance professional growth

  • an advocate to support difficult

An SLP School Staffing mentor will be available to you daily. Your mentor will be there for you to answer questions regarding assessment, treatment ideas, goal writing, and service delivery models. Your mentor will also be available to you should you feel uncomfortable going to your school district first.

SLP School Staffing is determined to meet your needs by providing you with guidance and support throughout your career with us.